Stop Itchy, Bothersome Bugs in a Snap

Pest removal services in Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC

Kids aren’t the only things that go out to play in the spring and summer. The insects come out in full force, too. When pests start bothering you at home, it’s time to bring in a team of pest control experts.

Protect your home, children and pets by calling in the pros at A-1 Wildlife Control Inc. We offer effective pest control services in Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC.

3 ways pests can harm your home

Bees, hornets, wasps, fleas and ants can cause serious damage if they enter your home. Here are a few ways these pests can wreak havoc at your home.

  1. Bees, wasps and fleas can bite or sting your children and pets.
  2. Herbivorous insects can damage your shrubbery and trees.
  3. Ants can chew through timber and get into your food.

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