A-1 Wildlife Control inc provides animal prevention services

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Don’t be trapped by a false sense of security. Chances are, if you haven’t heard from Charlotte’ and Rock Hill's wildlife yet, you will in the near future. You have a whole host of furry and not-so-furry neighbors just waiting to pay you a visit. Ensure your home is fortified against these pesky creatures when you contact A1 Wildlife today. We even offer FREE drone inspections!

Charlotte, NC animal prevention plus capable carpenters

Charlotte, NC animal prevention plus capable carpenters

A1 has a reputation for its efficient animal removal and carpentry promise. You, too, will be impressed by our skilled team of carpenters. They do their best to make your animal’s entry point invisible. You shouldn’t be forever reminded of your wildlife company, so let us fix any signs of damage.

When you contact us, you’re protecting your Charlotte or Rock Hill home from other animals on the prowl. Let A1 reinforce your property today.