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Damage Repair Tips for a Pest-Free Home

HomeBlogDamage Repair Tips for a Pest-Free Home

After your house is invaded by unwelcome critters or pests, it can take a while for you to feel at ease in your own home again. Fortunately, there are damage repair measures you can take to make your property feel safe and clean again, and our team here at A-1 Wildlife Control would like to share some key tips.

Damage Repair Tips for a Pest-Free Home

When we tackle damage repair work after a pest infestation, our team works hard to restore the house back to its former condition. We do so by following these basic guidelines:

  • Thoroughly clean the residence. Whether you were dealing with squirrels in your attic, raccoons in your garage, or bats in your basement, you’ll feel much better after the affected areas are cleaned and sanitized. When we do damage repair jobs, we always use the most effective cleaning agents to eliminate any odors, bacteria, and stains caused by the animals.
  • Find and block entry points. The most important step of damage repair is ensuring that pests won’t have easy access to your home anymore. Look for gaps and holes in your walls, floors, and ceilings to identify possible entry points.
  • Repair any structural damage. Depending on the pests you had, you may discover wires that have been chewed through, wood covered in teeth marks, frayed insulation, and other structural issues. If you have no DIY experience, you can count on us for all your damage repair needs.
  • Replace materials contaminated by pests. If rodents, birds, or any other kind of pest gets inside your home, you should take care to replace anything that could have been contaminated. Insulation, upholstery, fabrics, and other soft furnishings should definitely be replaced if pests have been using these elements as nesting materials.

If you’ve recently had unwanted animal invaders in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for animal removal and damage repair services!