Call A1 Wildlife to Humanely Extract Problem Animals in Charlotte, NC or Rock Hill, SC

Animal removal is not a DIY kind of business

No Charlotte, NC or Rock Hill, SC resident wants to spend their time chasing down rogue rodents. You have far more enjoyable things to do. That’s why A1 Wildlife exists – to carefully and kindly remove your worst wildlife nightmares.

We have a 4-step removal process that is simple and clean:

• First we inspect your property and confirm what kind of animal is causing you problems.
• Next, we look for the animal’s point of entry.
• Then we physically remove the animal – either by trapping it and releasing it far, far away or, in some cases, destroying it.
• Finally, our trained carpenters close the point of entry to prevent return visits.

Count on us to removal bats, snakes, raccoons and more!

Count on us to removal bats, snakes, raccoons and more!

If you need bat removal, snake removal, raccoon removal – or by some awful stroke of luck, the removal of all three – you can call A1 Wildlife Control for fast service. Animals have a frustrating way of disrupting normalcy. Sleep through the night again without the constant pitter-patter of little paws. Enjoy a bat-free sunroom. Don’t let a snake put you off cleaning the garage. A1 is here to serve Charlotte, North Carolina, so call today for more information!