Bird Removal & Damage Repair Services in Charlotte, NC & Rock Hill, SC

Having Bird Problems?

Having Bird Problems?

Let A1 Take Care Of You!

Birds are generally seen as pleasant animals, but over time they can become a nuisance for your residential or commercial property. The experts at A1 can be sure to provide the bird trapping and removal services you need in the Charlotte area.

A1 humanely remove unwanted birds but can also provide bird exclusion services that can deter these animals from taking residency in your home. We also seal off entry points and repair any damage done to your home to make sure these unwanted guests never come back.

Facts You Should Know

  • Bird can be very messy with their nesting residue and feces all over your home, commercial property, and yard.
  • Bird droppings and nesting material can cause health concerns for your family, employees, and clientele
  • Bird can be aggressive and attack when trying to protect both their nest and babies

If you are having bird problems in the Charlotte area, call the experts at A1 today to resolve your issues & repair the damage.