Rid Your Home of Troublesome Opossums

Rid Your Home of Troublesome Opossums

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Walking into your garage at night and being greeted by a pair of spooky opossum eyes isn’t a pleasant experience. If one or more opossums have taken up residence in your home, you need to reach out to a pest removal company ASAP. Opossums are notorious bearers of parasites and diseases. They’re often found in suburban areas in attics, garages and sheds.

Banish the critters from your home today by contacting A-1 Wildlife Control Inc of Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC.

6 ways to prevent opossum infestations

The best cure for any infestation is always prevention. Avoid bringing more opossums to your home by:

  1. Cleaning up bird seed spills and securing seed bags tightly.
  2. Closing your trash cans and cleaning the area around your garbage cans.
  3. Cleaning up your outside grill area.
  4. Picking up fruit droppings from trees.
  5. Feeding your pets indoors rather than outdoors.
  6. Installing motion-sensitive lighting outside.

If you notice signs that opossums have started calling your home their own, call 704-334-1922 now to send in the pest control pros at A-1 Wildlife Control.