Are Raccoons Taking Shelter In Your Home?

Are Raccoons Taking Shelter In Your Home?

Raccoon Trapping & Removal In Charlotte, NC

Raccoons are one of the most recognized animals to take refuge in homes. Adult raccoons can range from 10 lbs to 50 lbs in the wild. Furthermore they can live up to 12 years, even though their average life span is closer to the 5-6 year mark.

Most like to make homes in your roof, chimneys, and even within your walls. Homeowners usually become aware of a raccoon intrusion when they hear noises coming from the ceiling or within walls primarily in the night time. Be sure to call A1 to address your raccoon problem today!

Things You Should Be Aware Of!

Raccoon removal is a dangerous task that can cause physical damage to your home, but also present health issues. A1 has the trained staff to ensure that they permanently remove your raccoon problem! Here are some facts you should know about raccoons:

  • Raccoons are nocturnal animals, meaning they operate mainly during night time
  • Raccoons are the most common carriers of rabies. They are also commonly carrying other diseases such as ringworm, rickettsia, ricettsii, and ticks
  • Raccoons are very intelligent animals and can be difficult to catch. Furthermore they are very aggressive when feeling threatened.
  • Raccoons have their litters in dens they build. If you consult with an amateur trapper, it could result in dead raccoons in your home