Is an Animal Loose in or on Your Property?

Our Animal Removal Strategy is efficient and safe

With our four step biological animal removal and prevention process we have been successfully removing nuisance and destructive Wildlife , repairing animal damage and professionally preventing unwanted Wildlife for over 24 years.

Step 1: Identify the Problem

It is important to know what animal you are dealing with to be able to solve the problem. We provide a full inside and outside inspection/evaluation-from roof to foundation, top to bottom, yards and agriculture to correctly identify the problem animal that you have or may have had.

Step 2: Locate the Origin of Entry - If Applicable

Most animals are territorial and mark the entry hole or site by chewing at the entry point, this is called "territorial imprint". We will search to locate all applicable entry points. The entry hole is a result of the problem and not the problem itself the animal is the problem so we do not seal or close the entry hole at this time. Closing or sealing the entry hole now will simply cause the animal to chew another entry hole whether or not the animal is inside or outside the structure causing unnecessary damage and costing more time and expense. Do not seal the entry point yet!

Step 3: Properly Trap and Remove the Problem Animal

We will set traps and humanely remove or physically remove animals and relocate them so that they do not return.

Step 4: Animal Entry Damage Repair and Prevention

Sealing the entry holes- We offer full-service damage and entry repair and exclusion prevention. Everything from full construction replacements, to color matching flashing and or screening entries. Chimney caps to foundation vents. Repairs, Replacements, Preventions, Repellents and more. You name it, we can fix it. Top to bottom. Invisible exclusions that do not show. We can prevent and protect your structure from nuisance and distractive animals. At A-1 Wildlife Control- our motto is: "We don't just get 'em out... We can keep 'em out!"

Although most animals entering a structure are territorially imprintive, some are not and can simply be blocked out. For example: (birds and snakes can be blocked out, while squirrels and raccoons cannot.) Each animal has its own biology. It is very important to know the differences in biology habitats. Because of the differences in animal biology habitats removal strategies may differ. A-1 Wildlife Control must stay on top of the animal and pest control industry. With continuous changes in laws and regulations concerning nuisance wildlife removal, we stay up-to-date with the most relevant methods and products. We are always looking to improve our skills to benefit you and the animals and pests we deal with. Give us a call today our experts can answer any questions you may have and even set up an appointment to get you back to living free from distractive nuisance wildlife.