Squirrel Removal and Damage Repair in Charlotte, NC

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Have you've tried trapping the squirrel from inside the attic and it hasn't worked well, or even tried closing the point of entry while the squirrels were outside, only to have them chew right back in?

Knowing the biology makes all the difference. The team at A-1 Wildlife Control knows exactly why and what to do

There's a couple of reasons you're not having success

There's a couple of reasons you're not having success

1. Squirrels are diernal animals. This means they cannot see in the dark to find the trap

2. They typically do not bring food into the nesting area so trapping inside the attic can be a real struggle. It can work, but is often very slow and frustrating, and often ineffective.

3. The reason the squirrels chew back in even after you've closed them out is because they are (territorial) animals that (imprint) the entry point location. Look close. See the chewing? That is their way of marking the territory and establishing their home. Just like we go home every day, so do the squirrels, but we know exactly what to do!

Our 4- step biologically proven, guaranteed method will absolutely solve this problem once and for all.

Call as today and let the professionals at A-1 Wildlife Control -"get 'em out and keep 'em out,"