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Chris Shomo came out to inspect my attic for bats/birds. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough. I will use them again in the future if needed.

- Brian A.

Felipe Griffith inspected the inside and outside of the house and explained his findings in regard to an apparent raccoon problem. He provided an itemized proposal with pricing and timeline of work required. I look forward to working with A-1 Wildlife Control!I highly recommend A-1 Wildlife Control! Jeremy was very knowledgeable, thorough and professional. I appreciated the time he spent explaining the catch and release process.

- Mar B.

I had the opportunity to work with Nathan W. at A-1 Wildlife Control concerning an issue that we had at our home. Everyone at A-1 was responsive and prompt for each and every service call. I appreciate the professionalism and service that I received throughout this process. I would recommend them if you should have any wildlife issues.

- Bryan S.

Chris was excellent. Very professional and knowledgeable. I would definitely use A-1 Wildlife Control again.

- Chris H.

Chris was able to come out the next day, and he quickly determined the issue we were having and took care of it (a bird building a nest in a vent). I definitely recommend.

- Eric S.

I called A-1 Wildlife Control due to bats in the attic. Philip came and did an exterior inspection and provided a quote to completely seal the attic and provide a way for the bats to leave and not come back. Tristian completed this in a very professional manner. Highly recommended.

- Kenny R.

Having a flying squirrel problem in your attic is NO fun! Thank goodness for A-1 Wildlife Control! From the first phone call to the last, I received prompt attention. I was completely pleased with Phil, Shawn, and Nathan who handled the evaluation, setup, squirrel removal, and home repair. These men were always on time and conducted business professionally and were patient with my questions.
I highly recommend this company for animal removal and home repair!

- Cassandra M.

I contacted A-1 Wildlife Control on Monday, and they provided me with a price for the visit and set me up for a time two days later. Chris came to the door on time and prepared to check my problem and explain what he had to do. In one hour, my problem was finished, and he had capped the location where the bird that had been in my attic had entered. I recommend him and his service very highly.

- Steven A.

Phil was my technician. He was as nice as any one person can be and spent time educating me on my mole issue. He seemed very knowledgeable about my issue and many other issues we discussed. He made the process very easy. I would highly recommend this company.

- Anthony S.

Chris came to the house to check out a chewing sound I was hearing. He checked under the house, in the attic and gutters and determined it was likely in the attic. Excellent and thorough job. Thanks, Chris.

- Dwayne A.

Chris did an awesome job following up on a squirrel issue. He searched, found the problem, actually caught the squirrel on site, and then closed up the entry point. Great job!

- David S.

Chris came out to inspect for a bat issue we believe was in our awning. He determined entry points and a plan to remedy the issue in a timely manner. Very satisfied with the service!!

- Bethany T.

Chris was on time, pleasant and did a great job. I will refer him to others and use him again if necessary.

- Chanslar C.

I called for help with the unexpected removal of an animal on my enclosed patio. Tristan DiSanto was dispatched right away. He was polite, efficient, and friendly. He removed one animal and placed a trap for any remaining that may return. The next day, I texted him about the trap that had caught a raccoon. The raccoon had made a terrible mess in my plants. Tristan came and not only removed the trap BUT cleaned the entire area as well as I would have. He was not asked to do that, but did on his own and did not disturb me as I was working. EXCELLENT customer service and gracious follow-through.

- Kelly C.

Adam and Phil are the absolute best! We suddenly discovered that raccoons had invaded our chimney. We had no idea how to resolve the issue… and then there was Adam and Phil. You guys rock!!!!!

- Angel A.

Great job done in a timely manner with an honest and friendly crew. I interviewed 3 companies, and I’m very happy A-1 was on the job. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

- Bob D.

Chris came out today and was awesome!!! Super professional, and he took care of some critters in my exhaust fans. He quickly took care of the animals and put up some future-proofing solutions to protect our home from any other unwanted guests. If I ever need A-1 again, I hope Chris comes out! A fantastic experience overall! Thanks, Chris!

- Josh H.

Chris came to my house for quoted service. Chris was honest, and the price was fair; he gave a thorough explanation of the work involved in the amount of time it’s going to take. He showed up on time, and service has been scheduled for later date. Thank you, Chris!!

- Keith H.

Chris was great! He was very knowledgeable, worked quickly and was very friendly. I felt like he was honest in his pricing and recommendations and didn’t try to upsell us on anything we didn’t really need. I would definitely recommend working with Chris and A-1 Wildlife Control.

- Jessica L.

Jeremy came by today and was more than helpful. Found this issue and quoted me and got me signed up pretty efficiently. I would definitely recommend them.

- Joshua M.

This is the second time we have used this company to remove a dead deer from our fence. They are always very quick with their work, which I appreciate. Chris Shomo was the one who took care of the deer. He gave me a call once he arrived and greeted me when I came outside. Very nice & professional & explained to me what was going to be done. I went back inside and he rang the door once done. I was on a time crunch for work, so I was happy he was able to come out on the earlier side of the hours given and take care of it quickly as well. Great, easy, professional, & quick company.

- Carolyn S.

A-1 Wildlife Control provided an accurate, up-front price estimate and responded for service very quickly. Jeremy showed up on time and thoroughly discussed his findings from the inspection. He completed the work quickly, and I’m confident the birds can no longer get in the vents.

- Remington F.

Quick response time and super friendly and helpful once they got to my house. Thank you!

- Diana A.

We had an amazing experience with A-1 Wildlife Control. They are very professional and thorough. Jeremy was very knowledgeable and helpful. They came immediately to get a possum out of our attic, and now they are helping us safeguard our home from any more unwanted wildlife.

- Kristen A.

Jeremy was so very nice. He explained to me in detail our “squirrel situation” at hand. He also took me outside to show me the different entry points, which I really appreciated and gave us numerous options, all while being very professional and friendly!

- Ashley D.

Chris S. came out today and was awesome. I have 2 little ones at the house, and he was excellent because he worked around my bottle feedings, and that really made life easier. We pulled out my dryer to take a look inside the line, and he even vacuumed behind it for me. This is the first time I used them, and they were recommended to me from a work colleague. I would use them again in the future if I have any more problems with animals on my property. Also when Chris came in the house, he put on his boot covers and was very polite and friendly with the whole family. There was nothing that occurred while he was here that was negative. Thanks, Chris S.Chris Shomo came out to inspect my attic for bats/birds. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough. I will use them again in the future if needed.Chris S. Came out today and was awesome. I have 2 little ones at the house, and he was excellent because he worked around my bottle feedings, and that really made life easier. We pulled out my dryer to take a look inside the line, and he even vacuumed behind it for me. This is the first time I used them, and they were recommended to me from a work colleague. I would use them again in the future if I have any more problems with animals on my property. Also when Chris came in the house, he put on his boot covers and was very polite and friendly with the whole family. There was nothing that occurred while he was here that was negative. Thanks,
Chris S.

- Bruce W.

Mrs. Angela, I thank you so much for what you do for me. All the guys are very nice and friendly. Your business A-1 Wildlife deserve a very high rating when it comes to being nice to your customers. Very friendly voice on the telephone. Just perfect to deal with when it comes to getting the job done at your home. So again thank you so much.

- Patricia C.

We recently hired A-1 Wildlife Control because we had a “major” squirrel issue in our attic. Over the course of a few weeks, they were able to capture and remove six squirrels that had caused significant damage in our attic. We dealt with Chris, Sean, and Nathan who were all very professional, courteous of our time, and never pressured us to spend more money than we needed to. At the end, they came out, patched up the holes and gave us great pointers on how to prevent future issues from occurring. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing to remove nuisance wildlife.

- Mike and Lisa L.

Chris S. was our specialist, and he was great to work with. Very knowledgeable and timely.

- Kendall S.

A-1 Wildlife Control helped us out last year with squirrels in our attic. We were afraid they had returned this fall. Chris from A-1 came to inspect the home. He spent an hour reviewing the entire roof from the outside and also the attic inside. He was very thorough, professional and knowledgeable. We have been very pleased with Chris and A‑1.

- Sean M.

We had an excellent experience using A-1 Wildlife Control for bat removal. Hearing that you have bats in your attic is both gross and daunting… but A1 streamlined the process to make everything as stress-free and easy from start (assessment) to finish (final clean-up)! Every employee we have met who helped in the process was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. They also took the time to explain why/what they were doing when I had 500 questions. Thank you to everyone at A-1! 🙂

- Christine H.

We discovered a problem with squirrels that had chewed through a portion of the front of our roof. We called several companies for a quote, and A-1 Wildlife Control stood out as the one that was not only upfront and open with what we did and didn’t need, but also actively worked to make sure that we only paid for what we really needed. Phil came out to set up traps and actually trapped one of the squirrels in the first 10 minutes! It was instant relief to see the squirrels gone so quickly. Then Shawn and Nathan came out multiple times to work on our roof and shelves to make sure everything was squirrel-proof. They even went the extra mile, fixing a couple of things they found that were broken while they were working around the roof. If you have a wildlife problem, I can’t recommend them enough.

- Andrew G.

Service was great and efficient! Chris found the dead squirrel in the attic and showed us where and how other animals could get in under the crawlspace etc. Glad we called A-1 Wildlife Control.

- Damian S.

Special thanks to Chris and Angela for making sure that we got a quality job done at the right price.

- Bill and Marie

Chris was our technician. He was great, evaluated the issue very quickly and dealt with the immediate problem, and he also made recommendations on longer-term prevention. I would recommend this company with no reservations. Thank you.

- Leon W.

Chris from A-1 Wildlife Control was great! He was on time and quick to jump in and assess and address the situation, removing the birds from our dryer vent, and also addressed how they were getting in. I highly recommend using Chris from A-1 for any critter removal. Thanks!

- Crystl Z.

Chris was great. Efficient and timely service. Awesome prices too. Took care of a squirrel issue at the house.

- Brett J.

They were able to get out to the house quickly and gave a thorough inspection to remove any doubt in the buyer’s mind regarding a horrible home inspector’s “findings”. I would highly recommend this company. They explained what would’ve needed to be done if the stated issue actually existed, and informed of preventative measures/general info without forcing a sale.

- Rachael S.

Had A-1 Wildlife Control come out today — great and professional service by Chris Shomo, a.k.a. in our home “BATMAN”. He was courteous and friendly. Thorough inspections and reasonable prices. I would recommend them to anyone with wildlife problems.

- Patti R.

Thank you, A-1 Wildlife Control! Chris has been out to help me twice this summer and has promptly removed a huge wasp nest, and today he helped with our bat issue. He is quick and courteous. I definitely recommend Chris and A-1!

- Casey B.

100% satisfied with the service I received from A-1 Wildlife Control. My job has me out of town a lot, and they were able to deal with my attic raccoon situation while I was gone. I used cameras to view the traps while I was out of town, and I’d let Adam know via text if anything was caught. The final total after catching four raccoons was less than a third of the price of other quotes I got. A very honest and professional company, and I would not hesitate to use them again if I ever have another problem with some critters.

- G.P.

Chris was prompt and very professional. He diagnosed the issue and was awesome at explaining some preventative issues going forward. Being a new homeowner for less than 5 months, it relieved a lot of stress to work with Chris and have him explain what my next steps would be.

- Kamina K.

A-1 Wildlife Control removed black birds from our attic, along with the nest and damaged insulation, and placed guards on openings around our house. Chris did a fantastic job and left everything clean and sanitized. If we have any issues like this again, we will give them a call.

- Stephanie K.

I’ve used A-1 Wildlife Control on multiple occasions and have always been very satisfied with the customer service. Chris Shomo was assigned our case this last time, and he was friendly, helpful, and responsive. We will definitely continue to utilize this company for our wildlife control needs!

- Jenna J.

Jeremy was very thorough and detailed regarding permanent squirrel removal. Prompt next-day squirrel removal and cage reset. Thanks, Tristan!

- Sheila F.

Jeremy was a pleasure to work with. He was very knowledgeable and made the process of trapping and securing my roof and attic a breeze. I would highly recommend this company and Jeremy to take care of any of your animal control needs.

- Michael D.

Jeremy was excellent! He was punctual, polite and thorough. Jeremy took the time to explain my options completely. I wish all technicians were like him!

- Linda M.

Jeremy called in the morning and gave us plenty of notice before he arrived. He did a great job explaining the various plans, outlined what services were available related to any repairs and prevention, and was very knowledgeable regarding the removal of the squirrels. Overall, it was a great experience!

- Justin S.

I just used Jeremy to take care of a possum I had under my house, and he did a fantastic job. Friendly, easy to work with, and got the job done quickly. Highly recommend!

- Will C.

Jeremy was great to work with. He came by our house and quickly identified the issues. He came up with a solution at an affordable price. I highly recommend Jeremy and A-1 Wildlife Control!

- Daniel L.

Very knowledgeable about bat removal and willing to explain the process. EXCELLENT customer service to say the least!

- Laura G.

Jeremy came by the house and was absolutely the nicest man to talk with. He surveyed our home, identified problem areas, grabbed a ladder and removed nesting, and provided affordable and reasonable solutions. I would highly recommend him and A-1 Wildlife Control if you need any wildlife removed or access points closed off.

- Diana D.

Very professional and efficient. I’ve had an ongoing problem with squirrels and opossums and was losing hope in the problem ever getting fixed. Chris was excellent. He explained to me the nature of the animals, offered recommendations and a plan for getting rid of them for good, and worked with me in executing that plan. Chris kept communication open and stuck by A-1’s fair pricing. Thank you!

- Charlotte M.

Chris came by and was great. I had some bat issues, and he explained everything that needed to be done and why. These guys are worth contacting!

- Astor M.

A-1 Wildlife Control was recommended to me by my pest control service, and I’m glad they did. Jeremy showed up promptly and was very thorough and detailed. He took the time to educate me on my squirrel problem and suggested options to take care of the issue. I will definitely be telling my neighbors and friends about A-1 Wildlife Control!

- Tyrone B.

I was very pleased with A-1 Wildlife Control today! Chris Shomo was our wildlife specialist. He came within the time block and called before arriving as a heads-up. He initially communicated with my husband, but then I took over the appointment with Chris. Chris was respectful and provided time in re-explaining the issue to me and answered all my questions (no matter how “silly”) patiently. He was knowledgeable and explained how he came to the conclusion of our issue. He was very considerate in honestly informing me of the severity of the problem versus using a blanket statement nonspecific to our home. He also informed me of his next steps and quotes in order to keep the animals out. I felt heard, respected, and understood regarding our exact issue. I would definitely call A-1 Wildlife Control again in the future with any other problems.

- Lisa M.

We had a great experience with Chris today! He did a very thorough inspection, and I would highly recommend A-1. Great customer service and very professional.

- Laura P.

Chris from A-1 Wildlife Control is very knowledgeable. Did a great job! Thank you.

- Andy M.

We had evidence of bats. Chris came out and inspected the house and explained how/where they hide. He helped us button up a vent! Good guy, good company.

- Jack B.

These guys were fantastic. I first met with Chris to discuss removing some opossums from our yard. He was always on time, professional and explained everything to me. After the opossums were removed, Chris suggested putting up a small lattice fence. This is where we met Shawn. He was professional, great to talk to and even stayed very late on a Saturday in order to complete the job. If we ever have a problem again, I will call these guys right away.

- Eric G.

Chris been great about helping us deal with what is likely birds using the exhaust vents to nest in our walls of the house. He’s been out twice to help and always makes sure I know I can contact him directly if I have any future concerns.

- Ann B.

We recently called A-1 Wildlife Control because we had birds nesting in one of our exhaust vents on our house. They sent Chris Shomo, wildlife specialist, to my house to take care of the situation. Chris arrived on time and was very professional and knowledgeable. He took care evaluating the situation. He wore shoe covers to protect the floors inside of my home, which I appreciated. Once he had determined the location of the nest, he removed the nesting and replaced the vent cover with one that would prevent birds from being able to access the vent. The vent is very high on our house, and Chris carefully and safely took care of the problem. The cost of the service was reasonable and of good value for us and our home. I would highly recommend A-1 Wildlife Control. They provided excellent service for us.

- J. Lambert

Chris was amazing. He was very patient and informative during the entire process of my squirrel removal! I recommend anyone with any wildlife issues call and ask for Chris!

- Kasey H.

Chris was great! Very informative explaining my options and what needed to be done.

- Brian H.

I want to thank Chris with A-1 Wildlife Control. He came out to help us with our snake issue. He was very fair and honest in diagnosing our issue. We will sleep better now knowing that a snake can’t get back into our home!

- Emily L.

Chris was great and handled our bat issue quickly and efficiently! Thank you, A-1 Wildlife Control!!!!

- Sara D.

Chris from A-1 Wildlife Control did a great job at assessing our situation and informing us of our options. I don’t know what we would have done without his expert advice and knowledge of bats! Thanks, Chris!

- Amy B.

Chris with A-1 Wildlife Control was very professional. He thoroughly addressed all of our needs and exceeded our expectations!

- Phillip E.

Chris Shomo came and quickly assessed my problem. I had a squirrel in the attic. I HIGHLY recommend A-1 Wildlife Control, which came recommended to me. This a quality service company with REASONABLE rates!!!!

- Sapphire Blue

Chris did a fantastic job removing a yellow jacket nest located high above our second story. He was thorough in his inspection around the home and in the attic. Due to his thoroughness, Chris found another nest, which he also removed. I highly recommend someone who took the time to make sure the job was done right! Thanks, Chris and A-1 Wildlife Control.

- Jake T.

Chris came out and got us taken care of & Phil got things sealed up in no time. Chris & Phil were professional & courteous.

- Sharon

Adam and Phil did an amazing job for us!!! I could not believe the effort they put into rescuing these baby raccoons and their mother, while taking every precaution to prevent damage to our home. This was an unusual job, but you would never know it by the way these guys did this job. I highly recommend A1 Wildlife Control. Ask for Adam or Phil. These guys are awesome!!!

- Ulaunda R.

We were very happy we called out A-1 Wildlife Control. Chris came and checked out our problem very quickly. Chris is a nice fella and has a lot of knowledge on what he does. I would recommend A-1 and Chris.

- Darrin D.

Chris Shomo was great to work with. He pulled a mallard out of our chimney with his bare hands! Responsible and friendly, but I hope to never see him again (professionally speaking)!

- Bill C.

Great company. Chris came out and did an amazing job. He solved my bat issue in minutes. Really professional guy. If you have any critter issues, call Chris at A-1 Wildlife Control.

- Patrick N.

Chris showed up on time and was very efficient and professional. We had called another company and never heard a thing. Traps were placed. and the first squirrel was trapped within hours.

- Lorene T.

Chris S. performed a bat inspection for one of my rental homes. He did a great job explaining what needed to be done. Showed up on time.

- Daniel L.

Chris came out to do a quote for us on a bat removal project. He was very courteous, on time and professional. He walked me through the quote and the work that needed to be done. It was refreshing to not feel like I was being sold rather that he was here to help.

- Kirk B.

Chris came right out to address our issue, a possible animal infiltration. Friendly, informative and professional. Highly recommend.

- Hollis B.

Fantastic customer service and prompt response. A-1 Wildlife Control helped remove the opossum in my crawlspace in no time. Thank you, Jeremy!

- Emily B.

From the moment I called Allen, I realized this company was different from other wildlife removal companies. I was able to get an appointment the next day after calling, and Jeremy was the wildlife expert who came out. He talked about all the options and how squirrel removal is done. He was very professional and talked me through the whole wildlife removal process from start to finish. He was very nice and engaging with good conversation and made me real comfortable with moving forward with A-1 Wildlife Control. He knew everything about wildlife removal and answered every question I had. I would recommend this service to friends and family, and Jeremy depicted why A-1 is better than other companies. Very great service!

- Alberto S.

Jeremy was very informative and thorough. He also came out fast and was able to take care of us. Thank you!

- Richard L.

I had loud noises coming out from attic. Chris S. came to check. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I’m very happy with the company so far. Reasonable prices as well!

- Rafael P.

I highly recommend A-1 Wildlife Control! Jeremy was very knowledgeable, thorough and professional. I appreciated the time he spent explaining the catch and release process.

- Amanda S.

We’ve used this company for a few years. They are quick, courteous, and kind! Customer service treats you like a person. We worked with Chris, and he was very professional and knowledgeable! We will certainly continue to use their services 🙂

- Shirley G.