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Attic Remediation: The Next Step After Animal Removal

HomeBlogAttic Remediation: The Next Step After Animal Removal

Having a squirrel, bat, rodent, bird or another animal species in your attic is more common than you might think. Many animals realize what humans learned – living in a structure is far safer and comfortable than being exposed to the elements. Animal removal services are only one part of the process of dealing with unwelcome visitors. You also need to prevent others from taking up residence and having attic remediation completed to erase the damage they caused.

Attic Remediation: The Next Step After Animal Removal

There are several steps involved with attic remediation that make it important to leave in professional hands. For one thing, you need the animal waste removed. Urine and feces can harbor several diseases and cause respiratory distress if not handled following safety protocols. For your attic to be safe to spend time in, the waste must be removed carefully and followed by a thorough disinfecting process. Ideally, this process should be completed following proper cleaning methods so you are not trading one health concern for another.

Attic remediation also addresses repair of building materials that the animals have disturbed for nesting or ruined through urination and defecation. The insulation is a common material that will need to be replaced, for example.

At A-1 Wildlife Control, we offer attic remediation in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. We are experienced with identifying health and sanitary conditions and resolving the damage using eco-friendly cleaning methods. We can also take care of the animal removal process. Call today to get your home back to normal after uninvited guests have created an issue.