Squirrel removal charlotte, nc

Permanent Squirrel Removal & Damage Repair

We'll handle your pest problem in Charlotte, NC

If you're hosting squirrels, do not close their entry hole. A trapped squirrel may cause more damage trying to escape. Save yourself time and money by calling A1 today for removal and damage repair service.

Bat removal Charlotte, NC

Permanent Bat Removal & Damage Repair in Charlotte, NC

call the animal control masters at A1

Bats are known for carrying numerous diseases, like rabies. They also make a big mess. Since they're a protected species, they need careful extraction. Don't put your family or the bats at risk! Call A1 Wildlife Control today for removal, repair, and prevention services in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

Snake removal charlotte, nc

Permanent Snake Removal & Entry Repair

A1 gets rid of snakes for good

Some snakes are harmless, others aren't. Your situation may feel scary, but the A1 team is trained to help. Call us for quick snake removal and entry repair services today.

Don't Let The Wild Take Over Your Charlotte & Rock Hill Home

Animal control is A1 Wildlife's specialty

Proudly serving (and saving) the Carolinas from unwelcome guests.

A1 is The Carolina's Preferred Wildlife Control Specialists!

•26 years of local experience and bonded and insured.
•Certified Wildlife Agent by the Wildlife Resource Commission
• Biologically trained nuance wildlife management (cosmetically fix and repair entry points and animal damage)
•Same day service when available
•Always a fair price with guarantees and warranties where applicable.

Other animal control and removal services may grab your critter and make a run for it. But at A1, we value quality service. We'll leave your home even cleaner than we find it, because let's face it, animals cause remarkable damage. Our Charlotte and Rock Hill clients consistently give us high ratings for our cosmetic repairs.

A1 does more than simply slap some metal over an animal's point of entry. We have a trained team with biological knowledge about various Charlotte and Rock Hill species, and our animal removal strategy is proven effective. They fix the entry hole to prevent any repeat visitors from gaining access.

Call our Charlotte, NC office at 704-334-1922 or our Rock Hill, SC office at 803-324-1922 for more information about our wildlife control services! Contact us today.

Scared of The Wildlife in Charlotte and Rock Hill?

Destructive animals are persistent. Once they get comfortable in your attic or build a new home in your basement, they're especially difficult to trap. Fortunately, A1 is Charlotte and Rock Hill's preferred wildlife control group. Our team will even service your commercial building, because nobody's getting work done with a squirrel in the ceiling. Other frequent offenders are:

• Birds
• Opossum
• Fox
• Raccoons
• Skunks
• Mole and Vole
• Rodent
• Beaver
• Muskrat
• Chipmunk

Don't hesitate to reach out. The moment you suspect unwanted visitors, call A1.