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3 Reasons to Choose Our Squirrel Removal Services

HomeBlog3 Reasons to Choose Our Squirrel Removal Services

Squirrels can seem cute and cuddly from a distance, but they aren’t so much fun when they start trying to claim a part of your home as their own. When you know or suspect that you might have a squirrel problem in your home, you can call on us at A-1 Wildlife Control.

How Squirrel Removal Services Protect Your Home

Our team will help you solve your wildlife control issue in the most effective way possible. Here are just three key reasons to choose us when you need squirrel removal services:

  • We effectively remove the threat. It seems funny to consider cute, bushy-tailed squirrels a threat, but they can cause damage to your home when they start building nests. With our squirrel removal services, we can safely and effectively remove the squirrels to protect your home from further damage or other squirrelly visits.
  • We follow state regulations. You can rest assured that we take safety seriously. Our team will always follow the necessary safety protocols and state regulations with any services we provide. This means we will use live traps or any other means to safely remove the squirrels. We might even relocate them to a better environment for wildlife, if possible.
  • We’ll keep them away for good. Once we have effectively removed all squirrels from your property, we can also implement or recommend prevention measures to ensure they won’t soon return to your property. For instance, we may make minor home repairs, suggest moving your bird feeders, or clean certain areas of your house.

If the squirrels on your property have gotten too close to home, you can rely on us for our safe and effective squirrel removal services. Please give us a call today if you would like to learn more or schedule an appointment!