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Four Things Possum Removal Experts Want You to Know

HomeBlogFour Things Possum Removal Experts Want You to Know

Possums play an important role in our local ecosystem by eating ticks and other potentially harmful insects, and since they’re nocturnal, you likely won’t come across one during your daily routine. With that being said, possums can also be sneaky, and if they manage to get inside your house, it can be a real challenge to get them out.

Four Things Possum Removal Experts Want You to Know

When you’re dealing with a possum or other rodent in your home, it’s essential to contact a wildlife control professional for possum removal help. Our team here at A-1 Wildlife Control strongly urges you not to attempt the possum removal process on your own, as these animals can become aggressive if they feel threatened or scared. However, once the possum problem has been successfully managed, there are four key ways you can possum-proof your home and avoid future issues.

  1. Keep your yard tidy. Possums like to hide in trees, overgrown bushes, and neglected gardens. If you have a lot of vegetation close to your house, possums could potentially climb up to different areas of your home.
  2. Install motion-activated lights. As nocturnal critters, possums are sensitive to bright lights. Putting motion-activated lights outside can deter possums, raccoons, and other common pests.
  3. Remove and secure possible food sources. If you keep pet food outside or have a bird feeder in your yard, it’s in your best interest to remove these items to avoid attracting hungry possums.
  4. Seal off entry points. If you choose to work with our team for your possum removal needs, we can take care of this crucial process. We’ll carefully inspect your house for any possible entry points and then completely seal them off to ensure that no possums will have easy access to your home anymore.

If you suspect a possum has taken up residence on your property, our team is here to ensure that it is removed safely. Reach out today to learn more or schedule a possum removal service.