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How to Tell if You Need Squirrel Removal Services

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We at A-1 Wildlife Control have been working in the wildlife control business for many years, and we have extensive experience in trapping and removing many of the pests most common to the Charlotte, North Carolina area. These include bats, racoons, birds, and more, but by far the most common pest animal we deal with is squirrels.

How to Tell if You Need Squirrel Removal Services

In this article, we’ll go over a few ways to tell if you have a squirrel problem—if you notice any of the following signs, we encourage you to give us a call to get our squirrel removal experts on the job.

  • Listen for Scurrying – In most cases, you will probably hear squirrels in your home before you see them. Pay attention to any scampering or skittering sounds, and keep an ear open for sounds of chewing and gnawing as well. If you hear any kind of wildlife activity in your home, we encourage you to give us a call.
  • Inspect for Damage – As we alluded to above, squirrels love to chew on anything they can find. In order to tell if you need squirrel removal services, inspect your home for teeth marks—you’ll most likely see them inside your walls, in your attic, or in your air vents. In addition to teeth marks, other visual signs of squirrel activity include nests, scattered wood chips, and damaged vents.
  • Do a Sniff Test – Lastly, if you start to notice foul odors around your home, you may need squirrel removal services. Not only do squirrels leave droppings, but chances are that not every squirrel that makes it inside your home will make it out again. As part of our squirrel removal services, our team will clean up any droppings and remove any dead squirrels so your home can smell fresh and clean once more.