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Snake Removal for Common Species in North Carolina

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If you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, you have most likely come across a snake or two in your life. There are certainly plenty of them around! Thankfully, since snakes are typically elusive, you may never have an issue concerning enough to call for professional snake removal. Since snakes take care of rodents that are also troublesome, including rats and mice, it is fine to leave the nonvenomous snakes alone. However, if you encounter one or more of the venomous species or you have a snake inside your home and want to avoid a painful bite, it is wise to call for professional snake removal services. Here are the common species of snakes found in this area that you might want to have snake removal done:

  • Copperhead- This is a venomous snake species that delivers a bite requiring medical attention. They can be up to three feet in length and are identifiable by their copper-colored head and hourglass pattern on their back.

Snake Removal for Common Species in North Carolina

  • Cottonmouth- This is an aquatic venomous snake species, so it is found mostly in freshwater environments. Unlike many snake species that will run from a threat, these can be aggressive and will stand their ground. They are golden to olive in color with dark bands and average three to four feet in length, with older ones potentially being up to six feet long.
  • Common nonvenomous species- There are also several common snakes that do not have a venomous bite. You might still prefer a snake removal professional to handle them, however. The most common are black rat snake, northern water snake, black racer snake, corn snake, and eastern kingsnake. The last one on the list is a good one to have around as it is known for eating other snakes, including venomous ones.

If you have a snake issue at your Charlotte property, give us a call at A-1 Wildlife Control. We have over 20 years of experience with humane animal removal and animal entry prevention, so we are your best choice for safely and effectively dealing with snake removal and other wildlife issues. Call today to learn more.