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The Importance of Wildlife Removal [infographic]

HomeBlogThe Importance of Wildlife Removal [infographic]

Let’s face it, many animals are quite cute! You might be tempted to let them hang out around your Charlotte, North Carolina property because of that. However, wildlife is called wild for a reason, and there are risks involved if you choose to forego wildlife removal. At A-1 Wildlife Control, we can take care of your wildlife removal needs and provide wildlife prevention services and tips. Most wildlife, cute or not, should be encouraged to go elsewhere to avoid problems.


  • Rodents- Rodent removal is important to avoid damage to your home’s wiring. Rodents also pose health risks to occupants because they can carry disease.
  • Birds- Birds are wonderful to watch and you may even have a bird feeder or two so that you can better enjoy their presence. However, if they are leaving droppings on your outdoor furniture and vehicles, or you have birds inside your attic, you should call for wildlife removal.
  • Raccoons- Raccoons can cause all types of problems, including getting into your trash, pulling shingles off your home, blocking up the chimney, and damaging your garden, making raccoon removal necessary.
  • Bats- Bats are beneficial in their ability to reduce the number of insects on a property, but if you have an access point that bats have utilized to hang out in your attic, you should be concerned about bat guano and other damage bats can cause. We can safely relocate them for you.
  • Snakes- Snakes! Need we say more? Some snake species may be beneficial, but most people aren’t too happy to have them around, especially venomous ones.
  • Possums- Whether you call them a possum or an opossum, they can be a real problem as they can transmit a variety of diseases. They also emit a terrible smell when they have been threatened.
  • Squirrels- It can be very challenging to have nice landscaping when you have squirrels around as they love to dig up flower bulbs. They are also known to chew on things, such as your home’s wiring and plumbing.