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Why You Shouldn’t Hesitate to Schedule Bat Removal Services

HomeBlogWhy You Shouldn’t Hesitate to Schedule Bat Removal Services

When you notice a bat in your home, it can be very unsettling, but the most important thing is to remember not to panic. You might be tempted to remove the bat from your home on your own, but this could cause a lot of issues and potentially make matters worse. It’s always better to seek professional bat removal services, which our team at A-1 Wildlife Control can effectively provide.

Why You Shouldn’t Hesitate to Schedule Bat Removal Services

In this blog, we’d like to further explain why it’s so important to trust an experienced wildlife removal team when bats invade your home. Firstly, a bat in your home can create a big mess, whether you notice bats living in your attic or one manages to fly inside your living space. It’s best to handle the bat removal process as soon as possible, but it’s not the safest option to try it on your own. Instead, you should try to corner the animal into a room and close the door to keep it safely contained until our team arrives. If you cannot accomplish this, we recommend waiting outside the house until we arrive.

Another factor to consider is pup rearing season. If you have a colony of bats hanging out in your attic, there may be baby bats that are solely reliant on their mothers to survive. During the first five weeks of a baby bat’s life, the state doesn’t allow us to provide bat removal services. If we discover baby bats in your home, you may have to wait until the end of the five-week pup rearing season until we can safely and legally remove them from your property. Fortunately, this waiting period should not cause any further issues to your home, and we will be sure to clear away and remediate any of the mess left behind once we have safely and effectively removed the bats from your home.