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Bat Removal: How to Get Bats Out of Your Home

HomeBlogBat Removal: How to Get Bats Out of Your Home

Bat Removal: How to Get Bats Out of Your HomeHere at A-1 Wildlife Control, we believe you deserve to be comfortable in your home, and you shouldn’t have to share it with any unwanted guests. We provide a variety of wildlife removal services to help you rid your home of many different creatures, including bats. In this article, we’ll go over the basics of bat removal and explain how we get bats out of your home.

  • Inspection- The first step for effective bat removal is to inspect the building. Our team will examine your home in order to determine how the bats are getting in and out.
  • Identification- The next step is to look at the bats themselves in order to determine what species they are. This is important, as different bat species mate and form colonies at different times of the year, which means we will need to adjust our timeline accordingly.
  • Exclusion- In our experience, one of the best methods of bat removal is exclusion, which in this context refers to letting the bats fly out, and then preventing them from getting back in. To accomplish this, you will typically need to work at night, when the bats are active. Allow them to fly out of their roost, then cover their points of entry with pieces of window screen or poly netting.
  • Cleanup- Once you have successfully locked the bats out, the final step in bat removal is cleanup. Bat colonies generate a great deal of guano, and that mess will need to be cleaned up and the area sanitized.